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Function Evaluations

Firearm evaluations can be the single most important investment before purchasing a used firearm. They can also be very beneficial if you acquired some firearms of unknown age and just want to make sure it is safe. One there will be a professionally trained gunsmith and active shooter of 15 years behind the firearm. Two it removes you from a potentially dangerous situation.

All of my evaluations and function test are done at my private range. So there is no liability from you to any innocent bystanders should there be an issue with the weapon cycling or safe operation.

What is done?

Before I head out to the range I completely disassemble the firearm clean it to a like factory state. From this point I inspect frames and receivers for any type of failure. Either it be cracked fractured, weakened I will search for the needle in the haystack. After the receiver is inspected I continue on with the barrel inspection the same for barrel and chamber for obstructions pitting, deep gouges, crown and stress fractures. Following a passing grade I start to reassemble checking each part of the firearm for any stress cracks or excessive wear. Safeties and trigger group get special attention also. As these are extremely critical and have very close tolerances. Once everything checks out to be of satisfactory condition the firearm is then reassembled, lubricated, dead (non-live ammo) function test. Now finally we get to head to the range.

At the range I will fire a series of 100 rounds min. These rounds should be provided from the firearm owner but if none are available I can provide ammo at market cost. So if you can buy from a discount ammunition supplier than that may be your best and least expensive choice. I will first fire the firearm to check to make sure 1 firearm does fire 2 it does not blow up 3 does it cycle. After those three have been accomplished I will continue the test by cycling 20 rounds through the firearm. I will proceed by cleaning barrel chamber and other important areas (field strip and clean). Accuracy testing is completed next. For pistols I fire three 5-shot groups from a rest into a standard target. Most pistols worth their weight in scrap will group 8” or better. Remaining ammunition will be shot doing a series of test shooting limp wristed ect. Rifles are accomplished the same way except groups will be shot at 50 and 100 yards. Firearm is then cleaned and ready for you.

If you’re buying a gun and not sure if it is junk or not bring it to me and I can field strip the weapon hit basic operation points and check for proper safety operation. Firearm is then assembled and dummy rounds ran through it.

Headspace checking on standard calibers comes with deluxe model.

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