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Need Repairs? Texas Custom Guns has you covered.


We have repaired over 2,000 firearms; some were just a simple replacement of parts others are making the part if we have something to go off of. We have created parts from scratch with nothing to go off of but it was expensive and extremely time consuming. This is the core of Texas Custom Guns.

What can you except from Texas Custom Guns?

  • Low Prices
  • Full Service Gunsmithing
  • Customer Satisfaction

We have repaired guns from people in Alvin, Pearland, Friendswood, South Houston and Galveston. We have even had guns shipped from Wyoming and Kansas. We will however tell you of anything that could deem the firearm unsafe.



For out of state and out of area repairs I can ship and receive your firearm direct from you to my location then back direct to the address and person it came from. I will not ship to different person of address.

(832) 971-7140


2585 FM 1462 Rd.

Alvin, TX77511

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Like us on Facebook for news, sales, photos and more.