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Trigger Jobs

Thanks largely to lawyers and irresponsible gun handling if you have bought an “off-the-shelf gun” in the past 20 or so years so you experience what everyone calls the “LAWYER TRIGGER”. These are triggers set so high that it deteriorates accuracy and makes you pull or push your shots.

Well I am here to help resolve that. There is not much I have not performed trigger job on. Normally the term “trigger job” refers to single action triggers and pistols, while “action job” refers to revolvers. Both are actually action jobs because I am altering the action and how the firearms cycles, performs, etc. But smoothing the action on a 1911 is a little more detailed so for all intents and purposes we will just call it a trigger job.

Since I cannot control the laws of physics, I can only get a revolver but so “low” on double action trigger pull. Due to the force it takes to compress the trigger and retract hammer compressing another spring there is a balancing job there. To have a safe, reliable double action pull you simply can not have a 1 lb double action pull.

I perform one type of trigger job on all guns.

The quality of the parts that I start with will also affect the quality in the end. If the parts that are internal are of good quality, I will modify them rather than replace them.

I will then match and stone surfaces to meet up flush and knock down high areas and smooth surfaces. Reduce the friction and excessive weight in non-hammer related areas for automatics. Physics only allows so much to be done with a revolver. You will end up with a reduced action.

Once complete, I strongly recommend taking your handgun out and running several hundred rounds through it to ensure proper operation.

Solid Parts

I replace MIM parts with excellent quality tool steel. Reason being is to save money in manufacturing a lot of companies have started switching over to these MIM (metal injection molding). Basically, it is taking a lot of metal dust heated and injecting into a mold under pressure. Similar to how a lot of plastic is shaped.

There is nothing “wrong” with MIM parts. But due to their hard exterior and soft interior stoning them will weaken them. You can own a firearm with MIM parts and never have any issues with it. But we do not want just a regular firearm, we want something that performs above the rest. To increase performance we have to increase the quality of the parts we use. You will have the best name in good quality tool steel parts running in your 1911 or revolver  when I perform an action job.

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